Skuggbussen to Subkultfestivalen 2018

Skuggbussen to Subkult festival 2017


June has never been darker before! The Subkut festival returns for the third year in a row, and so does Skuggbussen; taking you from Stockholm/Västerås/Örebro to the festival. With Skuggbussen you travel straight to Trollhättan center or festival campground without transfers and you will have the best of company on route.


Release 1: Return ticket – 449 SEK Sold out
Release 2: Return ticket – 499 SEK Sold out
Release 3: Return ticket – 599 SEK
Release 4: Return ticket – 666 SEK

Add your festival ticket for 920 SEK. One way tickets are available as well.
Students and youths (up to 19 years) festival tickets are 820 SEK. Buy the normal combination tickets and use the coupon code “youth” or “student to buy your ticket. Students need to show a valid student card as well as ID when boarding the bus and picking up the festival wristband.

  • When ordering two or more tickets at the same time you get 100 SEK off using the code “BringAFriend”.

Outward journey
14th of June
10:00 from Stockholm bus terminal, Cityterminalen
11:20 from Västerås Scandic
12:45 from Örebro Eurostop
Arrival at 16:00 in Trollhättan. The bus stops in town (at Drottningtorget) and at the campsite.

Homeward journey
The 17th of june
11:00 from the campsite
11:10 from town (Drottningtorget)

We stop for food both on the outward and homeward journey.


  • When ordering two or more tickets at the same time you get 100 SEK off using the code “BringAFriend”.



  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Tickets are personal. Change of name is possible for a fee of 100 sek.
  • Be at the bus before the departure time, or be left behind without any refund. The bus can NOT wait for anyone.

Skuggbussen till Midvinterglöd 2016

Den 10 december arrangerades Skuggbussen till Midvinterglöd – ett alternativt julfirande i Jättendal, Hälsningland. Vi var 17 personer som åkte upp från Stockholm för att besöka evenemanget och fick med oss en magisk upplevelse hem.

Från besöket gjordes även en film.

Vi hoppas kunna köra Skuggbussen till Midvinterglöd även nästa år!